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Comprehension of a fundamental change in life

Become more successful as you ever imagined!
I would like to make a long story short for quick readers:

After decades of searching for a better life, after intensely practicing dozens of methods, therapies, and strategies with poor results, I found a solution to create a better life for me -- and for many people who are willing to listen.

It’s about making changes on the level of the blueprint of your life: the soul.

And I found out that while you have to practice anything to improve yourself as long as you are working on the personality level, that changes completely when you reach the level of your soul: a change here results in a gain for the rest of your life!

Being a trained computer scientist, I decided to make a feature film to spread that information to everyone who wants to speed up his own development more than he ever imagined!

This movie has changed the lives of thousands of people and won the audience award of the first film festival in which it took part.

So if you are willing to make a US$ 9.99 investment to speed up your self-growth fundamentally, just click here.

But if you want to know more details, get the movie for free, or even earn money by spreading the news, continue reading…



Amazing: How you can stop working on yourself and still become better every day -- on autopilot

This was the situation in my life:

  • For over 20 years, I applied an endless number of methods: psychological treatments, nutrition, spiritual techniques, and much more.
  • All this has made only tiny little changes in my life. And the biggest part of these changes were only temporary.

Did you have similar experiences while you were looking to improve one or another field in your life?

Become more successful as you ever imagined!

A solution which you can apply to yourself!

And then my life changed fundamentally. I met people who are able to work on a completely different level. They gained extraordinary power:

  • either through decades of intense training
  • or through divine grace.

Independently regarding the root of their power, the outcome was life-changing:

They could help their clients reach a lasting and completely different level in their lives.

Their clients changed more than they could ever imagine!

And I was one of their clients. So my life changed in an extremely shorter time more than I hoped I would be able to do for the rest of my life.

How I changed from a shy, unsuccessful, sickly person without self-confidence to a happy, self-confident, successful person in 5 days

Become more successful as you ever imagined!
Do you want to know how you too can change your life fundamentally within the shortest possible time? Then you are at the right place!

After more than two decades of unsuccessful searching I turned from the lowest to the highest in a few days.

How was that possible?

I experienced a tremendous rise in my own life-force. And as the name implies:

It’s the force that influences every aspect of our lives in a positive way.


What you can learn through these experiences

So I was curious: What’s the difference between this kind of experience and every other kind of experience which I have gone through before?

People who trained themselves for decades like Shaolin-Monks raised their own power so much that they could greatly uplift others by using their power.

But the people who got their power through divine grace were even stronger: I recognized that they were able to make changes on the level of the soul.

I know many people claim to work on the soul level, but I found out that less than 0.01% of the people claiming to work on the soul level really do. The rest are talking about the psyche.

So, everybody who is willing to open himself up to this completely new kind of soul experience can profit from what I found!

Experts agree: This film will change your life!

Become more successful as you ever imagined!
When I realized what was going on in my own life, I decided to embark on a journey to all continents, cultures and religions, and to make a movie about my findings, so everybody can profit from it.

I wanted to know everything one can know about the life-force and how to raise it more quickly than one could ever imagine.

And I went one step further: I tried to find people who were even able to bring the life-force to a dynamic state (which is called “Kundalini” in India).

“Dynamic state” means the life-force strengthens itself more and more over time, caring for your very best, while at the same time removing sorrow, fear, anger, and other destructive emotions.

All that happens without any conscious effort, without having to regularly practice any kind of technique.

And from what I found I made a feature film, where both the audience and the cinema owners couldn’t get enough. So it became one of the most successful documentaries in cinema that year, and has been showing now over four years in cinema because it really is life-transforming!


“I watch this movie every week”

When we published the movie in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria, some viewers told me: “I watch it every week.”

The reason is quite simple: When you watch the movie with an open heart, you have the chance to experience a rise in your life-force just by watching.

And if you watch it with an open mind, you might find out a simple and very effective way to generate an uplift in your own life-force.

As long as you have to practice something to improve yourself, you haven’t reached your goal

Become more successful as you ever imagined!
If you manage to generate a healing on the level of your soul, you will notice a major difference to any other self-improvement method you have ever tried.

The gain regarding your life-force and all situations, which are connected with that healing, will stay with you even without practicing anything.

So the opposite is also true:

If you have to practice something to keep you going, to make one tiny little step after the other, you are not working on the soul level but on the level of your personality.

I do not wish to devalue any kind of work on the level of personality. I only want to say: You should always know where exactly you want to work. “Where” means you should be aware, on which level you want to make a change.

If you have a special problem, let’s say a specific fear, and want to solve that problem, qualified work on the level of personality can be the choice.

  • But what if you want to uplift your life as a whole?
  • What if you are looking for an automatism, which improves every aspect of your life?
  • What if you want to let your soul shine more and more, or if you even want to embark on a journey to come ever closer and closer to God?

Then you should do your very best to reach the soul level, because there it is where you will find your dreams come true!

Become more successful as you ever imagined!

How long do you want to wait?

We made it quite simple for you: Just click here and watch the movie.

It’s a US$ 9.99 investment (this is a specially reduced price for this period only until the 2nd of June).

On the 3rd of June, the movie will return to the normal price of US$ 15.99.

For this one-time payment you have lifetime access to our streaming website.

Wherever you are and whenever you want to view the movie or re-check a special detail, you just need a mobile phone or laptop and an internet connection.

Watch our movie for free and do good to others

We added an affiliate program in our website.

So if you want to watch it for free or even earn some money with it, become a member of our affiliate program (see https://energia-vitale.com/affiliates). As an affiliate, you’ll receive 50% of the sales price generated through your affiliate link.

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Become more successful as you ever imagined!

Do you want to turn on the turbo?!

Are you a person who wants to get the most in the shortest time? That’s very intelligent because one of the few limited resources in our life is time!

I am the same!

If someone helps you who has internalized the topic, that’s the fastest forward possible.

Through all the experiences before, during, and after shooting the movie, we (my girlfriend Carola and I) got stronger and stronger helping others to uplift their life-force.

Through the request of the audience in cinema we started helping others by holding seminars in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Lithuania to raise their life-force and improve their lives.

When we journeyed to the United States in summer 2018 we decided to hold more seminars internationally.

We will do some in the United States and Canada in autumn and winter 2019. Click https://seminars.lifeforce-movie.com to find out more information.

So if you long for a fundamental change in your life, a seminar could be your choice. Be aware, we have a maximum of 35 people in a seminar, so spots are limited.

The resurrection of who you really are

Become more successful as you ever imagined!

If you are still doubting – you are in the best company.

I doubted too after searching for a long time without being able to generate a fundamental positive change in my life.

But now, as I have experienced the activation of my Kundalini (dynamic life-force) eight and a half years ago, I can only say:

This was the day when I finally started to live! It was the beginning of the resurrection of who I really am.

If you make an experience like that, from this day on all the soul-qualities like unconditional love, unlimited power, efficiency, wisdom, and more will start to grow more and more and will change and uplift your life completely.

I am not a single case. Listen to one of our seminar participants:

Your seminar has been the one so far that has changed the most in my life, and it is just beginning to take effect! Every day it is increasing and becoming stronger and stronger…

If you want to read more, just visit http://seminars.lifeforce-movie.com/feedback.php

Become more successful as you ever imagined!

Take action to install that automatism in your life!

If you don’t want to struggle every day, I will give you two choices: Watch the movie, and if you like what you see, you can apply it in your life.

And if you want to speed up as much as possible, book a seminar. Our seminars are very much experience-based. That means you can ask any question, and we will answer to the best of our experience and knowledge.

But what makes the difference are the experiences into which we will lead the participants. These experiences lead you first into a state which we name “religious trance”, in which you are in close contact with your soul.
So fundamental changes in your soul, which is the blueprint for your life where you usually need decades to make a change, can happen in a few moments.

You choose the direction

If you choose this direction, I know from experience that it is an uplifting direction.
If you don’t decide, you will have to struggle as you might be doing now.

Become more successful as you ever imagined!

Raising your life-force is like sitting in a 500 PS car (493 HP) instead sitting in a 45 PS car (44 HP).

Of course you will have much more space for whatever you want to live in your life.

Whether it’s material success, health, toughness, better relationships or deep spiritual experiences – it’s completely up to you for what you use what you have gained.

So I wish you that you take the right action, and it could begin with watching our movie!

For that, click here to watch the movie.

Or should you want to reserve a place in our seminars in autumn and winter, just click here.

Is there no seminar to which you can attend? You might be willing to organize one in your region.

Just contact us at carola@wunder-der-lebenskraft.de

With the best wishes

Stephan Petrowitsch (director) and Carola Vogler
Bahnhofstr. 20 A, 86807 Buchloe, Germany
Tel. +49 (0) 176 -- 5972 3022 and +49 (0) 163 -- 510 5168

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